Music : Serge Folie 

Texts : Hervé Lapalud 

Theater director : Franck Adrien 



Serge Folie has chosen, from the « Pavillon des Masques » to use a spatial layout based on his sound fantasy, allowing him to approach the versatility of the musicians, the styles, the compositional techniques and the texts inserted here and there. 


In the imaginary universe of the Pavilion, the characters drop the masks of their everyday life and, in turn, brass instruments, storytellers, percussionists, take us to the other side..., where life was more colourful..., where music inhabited every moment and where poetry, passionate rhythms and memories intermingled to describe us as a glow in balance. 


Rythm becomes a fundamental element of this musical encounter that takes place in the « Pavillon », but electronics also fits in. Serge Folie then puts himself in the sound stage in this new project to accompany this quintet in movement with touches. 


The term: "Sonic Landscape"; or "Paysage Sonore"; seduces him to illustrate with words, the implication of this sound material in the "Masks". The "Musical Tale"; as its name suggests, uses music, text and space. 


To accompany his approach to musical openness, the composer called upon a craftsman of hand-sewn words and a lunarian with an unbridled imagination. The texts are chiselled by Hervé Lapalud and the layout by Franck Adrien. 


Like the musical styles discussed, the lyrics are then inserted into the notes, the dialogues slip in between the songs, to accompany this fantasy of today. 


No doubt that this colourful show will always seem too short as the brass language seems to be revisited by a timeless sound space and story...