An essential work of French music from the beginning of the 20th century, this Fauré Requiem has been an international success since its creation.It can be seen as an expression of Fauré's personal tragedy. He later declared about this requiem:My Requiem was composed for nothing... for pleasure if I dare say... 


In this 1900 version called « concert », the transcription of the Alliance quintet entrusts the brass with the orchestral part, bringing a sweet, sometimes dark sound, typical of Fauré's orchestration. 

REQUIEM op.48 de Gabriel FAURÉ 


Version for choir, organ and brass quintet 

Arrangement : H. Medjebeur 

A few years after the creation of this brass version, the concerts given with the choirs and soloists of Lyon - Bernard Tétu led us just as naturally to want to fix and seal this musical encounter, through this recording. 

Faced with the challenge and originality of this new adaptation of the Requiem, we entrusted the artistic direction to one of the greatest representatives of the French brass school, the trombonist Michel BECQUET. 

This new " voice-brass-organ " formation being born, the occasion was too good: we couldn't resist, to punctuate this record dedicated to Gabriel Fauré, with the pleasure to offer you an adaptation of his sublime Cantique de Jean Racine.