A creation for brass instruments around the 4 seasons of Vivaldi... And Piazzolla ? 


Astor Piazzolla evokes a better world through the language of nostalgia. All this in a simple tango. And since it is said that Piazzolla always wrote the same thing, and that Vivaldi would have written the same concerto 400 times, the temptation was great to put them in a situation. Especially to show that thanks to genius, their seasons are fundamentally different and respond to each other somewhere. 


These two musics are indeed music of equivocation, of calls for a rise in passion. Certainly the music of Astor Piazzolla is a music of violence despite its civilized and frequentable varnish and that of Vivaldi a vertigo of virtuosity sometimes close to improvisation, but... 


Vivaldi's clear sun and Piazzolla's black sun both speak as much of joy as of melancholy. The incessant rhythmic drive of the baroque concerto can join, if pushed to the edge of the abyss, the banal and tragic rhythm of the tango. 




Vivaldi's Four Seasons The mysterious evidence of the beauty of the Four Seasons. . . Since Stravinsky and his lapidary formula, concerning Vivaldi's work, “four hundred times the same concerto"; it is good tone to look down on the Italian composer. 


It is true that this music has been played, listened to and used so much that it is as easy to talk about it as Carmen or Pachelbel's Canon. 


But it has to be said that rarely does one have a more pleasant, lively and harmonious music in the ear, so evocative of the rhythm of the seasons. 


Maybe that's the secret: music of such obvious beauty, within everyone's reach, music that simply makes you happy, as long as you listen to it without any ulterior motive. And here is revealed all its magic... 


The brass version presented here was created by Hamid Medjebeur. 




Las cuatro estaciones porteñasthe four seasons of Buenos Aires. Full of rhythmic energy, dissonances, contrasts between virtuosity and nostalgic lyricism, they are an obvious homage to Vivaldi's Four Seasons.  


But while Vivaldi's are pastoral and literal (dog barking, bird chirping, thunder rumbling), Piazzolla's are urban, linked to Buenos Aires (porteño meaning the port of Buenos Aires) and depict the essence of each season rather than translating its sounds. 


The 4 plays were written from 1965 to 1969. They are always subject to a wide variety of arrangements, including for solo violin and string orchestra, Vivaldi's formation.. 


The brass version presented here in creation was made by Hamid Medjebeur, Eric Planté and Eric Varion. 


« SEASONS # ∞ » 


The complete Seasons by Vivaldi and Piazzolla in an unpublished version for brass instruments. 




Book/CD of the tale written and recorded by novelist Nancy HUSTON. Illustrations by Audrey GESSAT